Who Remembers LucyFest 1

How it all began...

LucyFest began as a birthday celebration for my wife, Lucy. We invited our friends and family and threw together an “All Star” band to perform at the party, and many of those same players will be at this year’s LucyFest. Although this year is the seventh annual LucyFest, the first LucyFest was actually in 2001. The Celebration didn’t become an annual event until 2004, when we decided to do it up big! In 2004, we added events (keep your eye on this web site to see what’s coming!) and expanded the goal of LucyFest from Lucy’s birthday to a celebration of friends and family. Now LucyFest is an opportunity for all of you to come by and remember the times we spent together – both good and bad – during the past years. It’s an opportunity to let your proverbial hair down and enjoy a summer’s afternoon with friends and family while swimming, listening to live music, and enjoying some great food. We encourage everybody to bring their kids, desire to talk and reminisce, and a good appetite!

From Lucy and I, we can’t wait to see you all there!